Free lotteries took the internet by storm a couple of years ago, their success has been driven by offering huge sums of money, often $1,000,000 or more, and not asking for any money in return. There are online lotteries that require you to pay, and others that claim to have a jackpot of a million dollars but it is mysteriously never won! What we have tried to do is show you a few of the more reputable lotteries, or those lotteries that give you a little bit extra than a free ticket. Most lotteries allow you to play every single day, so feel free to come back here and try your luck.
Net Flip were one of the first companies on the internet lottery scene. They have lotto games as well as many other cash giveaways. You must register to play at the site, but the sign-up form is increadibly short and they give you $3 for signing up!!
Play for FREE! Win CASH! You can enter three different lotteries everyday with jackpots of $250,000, $500,000 and $1,000,000. Not just jackpot orientated, there are smaller prizes of $500 to be won.
This well respected gambling portal recently started its own free lotto. Although the jackpot isn't as high as most lotteries, this lotto is new and doesn't have as big a player base, so your more likely to win the Jackpot.
Download a free trial of Windows Lotto Pro 2000 Try a fifteen day free trial of the software that enables you to maximise your odds of winning the Jackpot. This software can be used on any type of lottery, it picks numbers based on the statistics for previous drawings and eliminates unlikely number combinations. Windows Lotto Pro 2000 received the highest possible rating (5 out of 5) in reviews from ZDNet, Tucows, Super Shareware, Yippee Shareware, The File Transit, and
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